ADDED ON: 12/22/2020

Beijing LGBT Center holds training forum for graduate students to work as better consulting psychologists

12/20/2020 | Global Times

The Beijing LGBT Center held a workshop on Thursday at Beijing Normal University for more than 100 graduate students majoring in consulting psychology so that these future consulting psychologists could better serve the LGBTQ community by learning more about it. Beijing Normal University’s consulting psychology department is recognized as one of the best psychology departments in China. According to the center, the motivation to hold the workshop stemmed from the secondary damage some LGBTQ people experience when seeking counseling. In some cases, relieving inappropriate consultations have actually added to a patient’s mental stress or sense of shame instead of relieving them. The damage is partly caused by information consulting psychologists read in academic papers about the LGBTQ community. Some views like “being gay stems from a lack of parental love” or that “LGBTQ TV dramas and films are causing more young people to become LGBTQ people” in these papers may confuse consulting psychologists.


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