ADDED ON: 08/16/2020

‘Be You’ Video Beautifully Captures the Essence of LGBTQ Community

08/15/2020 | Latestly

“The words independence and freedom mean different things to different people. On August 15, 2020, India celebrated its 74th Independence Day. However, the free expression of love and the fact that who you are is still a luxury that only a few can hope for. For decades, those deemed as LGTBQ, had their right to love fenced in and were even penalised for it. A historic Supreme Court ruling in 2018 decriminalised consensual homosexual intercourse and abolished Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code. It has been two years, but unfortunately, the LGTBQ community is still seen with questionable eyes. To celebrate the freedom to be who you are, a beautiful video surfaced on the internet on India’s Independence Day 2020 celebration. The clip captures the essence of queer community, and it urges everyone to celebrate the freedom and “Be You” LGBTQ+ Flags, Colours and Meanings: Here’s A Complete Guide to the Queer Flags and What They Mean. Yes, that’s the title of the short video, which was directed by Jomin Varghese and his team, Bombay Kalakaar.


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