ADDED ON: 09/21/2020

BBC journalist had the gall to ask Barbados’ prime minister if people should be ‘allowed’ to be gay. She didn’t hold back

09/21/2020 | Pink News

A BBC journalist asked the prime minister of Barbados, Mia Mottley, if people should be “allowed” to be gay – and she did not hold back. Mottley appeared on BBC News to discuss revived plans for the Caribbean island to remove the queen as its head of state and become a republic. In the interview with BBC journalist Christian Fraser, Mottley spoke about constitutional reform in Barbados, and the topic of LGBT+ rights came up. Barbados recently agreed to recognise same-sex civil unions, as the tiny island nation unpicks its colonial-era homosexuality laws. Although the government asserted that it is not yet allowing same-sex marriage, it has agreed to put the matter to a referendum and “be guided by the vote of the public”. Referencing the upcoming referendum, Fraser asked the prime minister: “For that next generation, should they be allowed to be gay in Barbados?”


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