ADDED ON: 03/21/2022

Baroness Nicholson forced to back down on banning trans people from hospital wards

03/20/2022 | Pink News

In the early hours of the morning on Thursday (17 March), Baroness Nicholson proposed an amendment to the controversial Health and Care Bill, which aims to reorganise the NHS to make it more similar to a US health system. The bill passed through the House of Commons last year and is currently on its third reading in the House of Lords. Nicholson wanted to add an amendment which would revoke NHS guidance on placing transgender patients on hospital wards which align with their gender. Current NHS guidance on delivering same-sex accommodation, produced in 2019, includes “annexe B”, which sets out provisions for trans patients. It asserts that trans people “should be accommodated according to their presentation: the way they dress, and the name and pronouns they currently use”, and that this is not dependent on surgery, medical transition or having a Gender Recognition Certificate (GRC).


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