ADDED ON: 01/30/2019

Barcelona’s LGBT centre is vandalised one week after opening

01/29/2019 | Pink News

Residents of Barcelona have shown their support for the queer community after the city’s LGBT+ centre was vandalised just over one week after opening. The Centre LGBTI Barcelona opened in Calle Borrell, Barcelona, on January 19, with Eugeni Rodríguez, president of LGBT+ rights group Observatori Contra l’Homofòbia, describing it as a “historic day” for Barcelona’s LGBT+ community. However, it was reported on Sunday (January 27) that the centre had been vandalised earlier that morning.  Observatori Contra l’Homofòbia condemned the attack on Twitter. “This morning we found painted #LGTBIfòbiques and broken glass in center #BarcelonaLGTBI,” it posted on January 27. “We condemn the attack and we make it very clear that we will continue working and defending the space and our rights and freedoms.”


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