ADDED ON: 11/18/2022

Bangladeshi students seek dismissal of gay teacher

11/16/2022 | Erasing 76 Crimes

The Bangladeshi human rights organization JusticeMakers Bangladesh expressed concern and anger over the attempt to expel the gay teacher, Aminul Islam, from his position as senior lecturer in the geography department of Bhalum Ataur Rahman Khan Degree College in Dhamrai, Dhaka. Justice Makers Bangladesh demanded action against his accusers after a “quick and impartial investigation”. The advocacy organization noted that, according to the online newspaper on Nov. 2, a complaint from 30 students about Aminul Islam’s homosexuality was sent to Hossain Mohammad Hi Joki, president of the school’s governing body. Joki named an investigating committee headed by another lecturer of the college, Habibur Rahman Habib. The investigators supported the students.


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