ADDED ON: 08/26/2022

Bali: Transgender student dies in police custody

08/25/2022 | BBC

A Peruvian transgender rights activist has died in police custody in Bali. Police arrested Rodrigo Ventocilla, 32, on 6 August at Denpasar airport, after customs officials found what they said were suspicious items in his baggage. He died five days later in hospital, where police had taken him after he had started vomiting, local media reported. Ventocilla’s family accuse police of mistreating the Harvard student and of barring lawyers they had hired from seeing him. The family described Ventocilla’s arrest as an “act of racial discrimination and transphobia” and insisted that the items which had aroused the suspicion of customs officers were “linked to his mental health treatment, for which he had a prescription from healthcare professionals”.


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