ADDED ON: 11/27/2020

Australia’s gay penguin power couple adopts second chick

11/23/2020 | The Hill

The gay Australian power couple that took the world by storm two years ago is welcoming a new member of their family in an episode of the fan favorite series. Sphen and Magic are the proud parents of the latest Gentoo Penguin chick hatched in the aquarium’s Sub-Antarctic Zone this fall. For the second time, the couple adopted an egg from a heterosexual couple that had two. “We are beyond excited to welcome the new penguin chicks to our colony. They are doing really well and gaining weight. They started at around 95grams, now our oldest is almost 2kg and the youngest is sitting at around 399grams,” said Kerrie Dixon, SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium Penguin Supervisor, in a release.


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