ADDED ON: 08/08/2019

Australia: Pressure building on Qantas to end LGBT+ deportations

08/07/2019 | Pink News

A group of influential LGBT-supportive celebrities have signed an open letter calling on Qantas to end its forced deportations of LGBT+ asylum seekers. Quantas, Australia’s largest airline, has refused to review its policy of facilitating in transporting asylum seekers between detention centers as well their involuntary deportations, often to countries where it is dangerous to be LGBT+. The open letter signed by high profile individuals such as Tamil rapper MIA and presenter Tom Ballard accuse Quantas of hypocrisy, as whilst the company has long championed LGBT+ rights they are complicit in executing the Australian government’s cruel policy. The letter further claims that Australia ‘s refugee and detention processing is brutal and inhumane, falling foul of international law. The government has ignored numerous calls to address its procedures, claiming that any changes to the system could leave it open to abuse. Qantas shareholders have categorically voted in favor of upholding the airline’s role in forced deportations.


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