ADDED ON: 05/24/2018

At the 11th Hour, Papua New Guinea’s HIV Drug Crisis Has Been Averted

05/24/2018 | Gay Star News

Stocks of anti-retroviral drugs to treat HIV have been replenished in Papua New Guinea as the country faced a critical shortage. Last month, medical experts and HIV advocates warned people ‘may die’ due to the low number of HIV drugs in the country. Experts estimated Papua New Guinea only had about one month’s supply left. Some medical centers were even forced to ration anti-retroviral treatment (ARTs) to patients, so they wouldn’t run out. But the country’s Health Minister, Puka Temu, confirmed Papua New Guinea has just received a new shipment of ARTs. The new shipment should last about four months for the people taking ARTs. ‘We did an emergency order, and I want to assure that 500,000 tablets are sitting at the customs,’ he said in parliament.


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