ADDED ON: 04/03/2020

Asylum seeker beaten, doused in petrol and threatened with beheading by his own dad finally told he deserves refuge

04/02/2020 | Pink News

A gay asylum seeker from Ghana who was beaten, doused in petrol and threatened with beheading by a homophobic mob led by his own dad has been given a reprieve after the US denied him refuge. The man, who is in his late twenties and originally from Ghana’s capital, Accra, was in a secret relationship with an old school friend in 2016 when his father found out and attacked him with a mob. He said he was left naked and bleeding after the attack but managed to escape, according to NBC News. Having made his way to the US, he applied for asylum but was rejected by a judge because he had only been attacked once. The initial judge said he should return home and keep his sexuality hidden to prevent being attacked again. Despite being threatened with beheading, the man’s abuse was not considered ‘significant’ by the US government.


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