ADDED ON: 11/14/2019

Armenian Parliament Refuses To Hear Bill Banning Same-Sex Marriage

11/12/2019 | Radio Free Europe

Armenia’s parliament has rejected consideration of a bill seeking to expressly outlaw same-sex marriages in the Caucasus nation. A majority of lawmakers on November 12 dismissed consideration of a draft law proposed by the opposition Prosperous Armenia Party (BHK), saying it was redundant given that the country’s constitution already defines marriage as a union between “a woman and a man.” The bill’s co-author, lawmaker Gevork Petrosian, who in the past has expressed anti-LGBT sentiments, demanded that lawmakers “simply put into the Family Code a provision expressly banning same-sex and transgender marriages.” Lawmakers also rejected a proposal by Petrosian to add a provision in the Family Code banning adoption by homosexuals. The lawmaker described his proposal as a matter of national security and raised a rhetorical question: “Would those voting against this initiative want to see this happen in their families?”


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