ADDED ON: 12/18/2019

Argentine soap opera a hit for trans rights

12/17/2019 | Reuters

A popular soap opera in Argentina with a groundbreaking love scene between a transgender woman and man has helped break down stereotypes and negative views about gender diversity, supporters say. Running every weekday evening, “Pequena Victoria,” translated as “Little Victory,” has portrayed fictional trans women and touched on issues such as non-traditional families and surrogate births. The series finale on Dec. 11, which local media reported was watched by more than a million people, has helped to challenge views of trans women, said supporters. “I never thought things were going to change so much in our society,” Jesica Gomez, a trans advocate in Argentina, told the Thomson Reuters Foundation. “A few years ago, we weren’t able to walk on the streets in daylight, police would just arrest us, people would discriminate us. Now we are on TV and that has helped change the way people see us,” she said.


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