ADDED ON: 09/04/2020

App to fill gap on LGBT+ discrimination in Hong Kong

09/03/2020 | Reuters

LGBT+ people in Hong Kong can log discrimination through a new mobile app backed by one of the city’s most prominent property heiresses, in a first for gay rights in the Chinese-ruled city. The charity behind “VoiceOut!” said it was a platform for all residents to report any form of discrimination: be it due to race, disability, gender or sexual orientation. But it said the app was especially important for LGBT+ residents since they had no other outlet aside from court. “Currently there is no law to tackle discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity, there is no protection,” said Tino Chan, the LGBTQI programme manager at the Faith in Love Foundation, the charity behind the app. The charity was founded by Gigi Chao, one of Asia’s most outspoken gay rights advocates who came out after her father, a property tycoon, offered a $65 million reward to any man who could make his daughter straight.


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