ADDED ON: 04/10/2022

Anti-LGBTQ+ far-right evangelist leads protests in SoCal

4/9/22 |  Los Angeles Blade

Sean Feucht, the former worship/musical artist at the Bethel charismatic megachurch in Redding, California and the founder of the Let Us Worship group gathered this past week with several dozen supporters to protest outside the headquarters of the Walt Disney Company. Feucht and his fellow protestors were taking aim at the media conglomerate’s stance opposing the recently passed ‘Don’t Say Gay’ law in Florida along with Disney’s support of the LGBTQ+ community. Feucht and the Redding-based Let Us Worship followers had staged a moving protest a week earlier, marching up and down Santa Monica Boulevard and along North Robertson Blvd. in the heart of West Hollywood’s LGBTQ+ Rainbow District in front of its nightclubs, bars, shops, and restaurants that cater to a predominantly LGBTQ+ clientele. They carried drums they beat, so-called ‘Jesus’ flags and chanted. Feucht, a Republican who once ran as a candidate for California’s 3rd Congressional District losing by a 46 percentage to his GOP primary opponent, has made a name for himself appearing at QAnon events nationwide spouting anti-coronavirus vitriol and baseless lies.


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