ADDED ON: 04/26/2022

Anti-LGBTQ Attacks Increase Dramatically In Ireland.

04/25/2022 | Metro Weekly

In Ireland, the slew of unsettling news for LGBTQ people continues to mount. Most recently, a gay man was assaulted in the capital city of Dublin. Twenty-three-year-old Evan Somers, an openly gay rugby player, was attacked by a “marauding gang” in the parking lot of a supermarket during the pre-dawn hours of April 10 after a night of partying at The George, a local pub in Dublin. Somers said that, at first, just one man confronted him, “getting in [his] face,” mocking him, and insulting him with homophobic slurs before punching him. But the original attacker was soon joined by a separate “gang” – all beating Somers simply because he was gay.


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