ADDED ON: 05/23/2019

Anti-LGBTI violence still acceptable in many countries, new study shows

05/22/2019 | Gay Star News

Homophobic violence is still widely endorsed in several countries, new research highlights. The study on the Journal of Interpersonal Violence by the Honour Abuse Research Matrix (HARM) at the University of Central Lancashire (UCLan), analyzed attitudes to violence against the LGBT community. The research focused on five countries: India, Pakistan, Malaysia, Iran and England. Shared at the HARM annual conference, the study recruited 922 students, aged between 16 and 61, in four Asian countries, as well as Asian British and White British students in England. All participants read a brief report depicting a hate crime situation. In the report, a man’s family threaten him after suspecting that he’s gay and has joined a gay dating website. Following the report, participants completed a questionnaire. The questions aimed to understand the extent to which participants approved of anti-LGBTI violence.


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