ADDED ON: 05/24/2020

Anti-LGBT+ hate crime soars by over a third in France

05/21/2020 | Gay Star News

Homophobic and transphobic hate crime has risen by 36% in France last year, according to police figures. The new stats show a total of 1,870 victims of homophobic or transphobic crimes who went to the police in 2019. However, LGBT+ hate crime charity SOS Homophobie says the real numbers are higher as many victims don’t come forward. Exactly three-quarters of victims in the police figures were men and nearly two thirds (62%) were under 35-years-old. While insults made up 33% of the cases, another 28% included physical violence or sexual attacks. It’s a further rise from 2018, which saw 1,380 cases. When those figures came out last year, experts described 2018 as a particularly bad year with previously unequaled physical violence towards LGBT+ people.


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