ADDED ON: 07/31/2019

Anti-LGBT education page blocks ‘every gay’ on Twitter

07/31/2019 | Pink News

A Twitter profile set up to protest against LGBT education in the UK’s schools appears to have blocked “every gay” on the internet. Hundreds of Twitter users have posted say that they have been blocked by the Questioning LGBT Education page, which was set up earlier in July. Screenshots seen by PinkNews show that the profile currently has more than 2,700 followers and regularly posts anti-LGBT+ content. One tweet posted on July 26 claims that “gay sex with a MUCH older man is normalized in high school sex education.” It also describes the No Outsiders programme, set up by assistant headteacher Andrew Moffat, as “dogma.” The initiative teaches primary children about the Equality Act 2010 using kids’ picture books and has sparked protests outside schools in the Birmingham area.


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