ADDED ON: 05/31/2022

Anti-gay mob of 100 people beat American man bloody & parade him through the streets.

05/30/2022 | LGBTQ Nation

Three men have been arrested in the West African country of Senegal after video emerged of a suspected homophobic attack that left its American victim bloodied, robbed and paraded nearly naked through the streets. Video of the assault, which occurred on May 17 in the capital city of Dakar, shows a crowd of nearly 100 people surrounding a man wearing only boxers and bleeding from his head. The crowd walks the man barefoot through the streets, hitting his back and head while two others keep a firm grasp on his wrists, preventing his escape. People in the video can be heard calling the man a “dirty homosexual.” Others yell, “Homosexuality will not be accepted in Senegal,” “Let us kill him before the police arrive,” and, “He does not deserve to live.”


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