ADDED ON: 12/27/2018

Anti-discrimination ‘We All Belong’ pledge launch

12/26/2018 | Derry Journal

The ‘We All Belong’ campaign in Derry & Strabane have launched their pledge to tackle prejudice, racism, discrimination and all forms of hatred. Public representatives, as well as people with disabilities, LGBT groups and the PSNI, were among the first to sign the pledge, with Mayor John Boyle calling on people from across the city and district to sign. The pledge, which emphasizes what each of us as an individual can do, reads: “I pledge to oppose discrimination in all its forms against all people regardless of background, identity or belief. I will challenge hate in all its forms as I believe every person and organization can make a difference, I recognize that diversity and difference enrich us all. I pledge to promote equality for everyone in our city and district.”


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