ADDED ON: 07/09/2019

Anti-corruption advocate on her way to become Bogota’s first LGBT mayor

07/08/2019 | Colombia Reports

One of Colombia’s leading anti-corruption advocates is on her way to become the first gay mayor of the capital Bogota, according to multiple public opinion polls. A poll that was published on Monday by pollster T&SE showed that former Senator Claudia Lopez (Green Alliance) to be the front-runner in the race with an impressive lead. Some 35% of respondents said they would vote for Lopez, with her opponents polling at 9.2% or less. These results reflect the same poll conducted by the CNC earlier this month, in which Lopez held a 32% lead. Neither poll held the coalition with leftist candidates who last week expressed their support for Lopez into account. Lopez has been an avid supporter of criminal justice reform and in Bogota runs a platform largely focused on strategies to reduce the capital’s exorbitant crime rates. Lopez frequently advocates for the expansion of sustainability infrastructure, public transportation, and land conservation, and has released comprehensive policy proposals for each.


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