ADDED ON: 08/09/2019

Anthropological project Gaysian Faces aims to increase visibility of the LGBT+ South Asian community

08/09/2019 | Birmingham Mail

A South Asian queer anthropology photography project titled Gaysian Faces has been created in a bid to increase visibility around LGBT+ individuals within Birmingham’s South Asian community. The project, inspired by the book called Part Asian/ 100% Hapa, is aimed at showcasing the beauty and individuality of the Gaysian community. Individuals are asked to take headshots and along with an accompanying message about who they are, and this is then posted on the Gaysian Faces Instagram account. The various reasons cited by participants for taking part include: the need to break away from patriarchal shame imposed on them, individuals should not to have to leave their faith, family or community behind to just simply be themselves, more visible representation for young queer people of colour as well as the need South Asian LGBT+ community to be more creative, confident and comfortable within their own skin.


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