ADDED ON: 11/09/2021

Another group of LGBTQ Afghans arrive in U.K.

11/08/2021 | Los Angeles Blade

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s LGBTQ rights envoy has said another group of LGBTQ Afghans has arrived in the country. Nick Herbert, who is a member of the British House of Lords, in a tweet said the group “arrived in the U.K. safely” on Nov. 5. A group of 29 LGBTQ Afghans who Stonewall, Rainbow Railroad and Micro Rainbow evacuated from Afghanistan with the help of the British government arrived in the U.K. on Oct. 29. Herbert in his tweet did not say how many LGBTQ Afghans are part of the second group. The Taliban entered Kabul, the Afghan capital, on Aug. 15 and regained control of the country. A Taliban judge in July said the group would once again execute gay people if it were to return to power in Afghanistan.


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