ADDED ON: 09/17/2020

Andrew Gillum comes back to public life, starting with coming out as bisexual

09/16/2020 | The Washington Post

Former Florida gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum isn’t the first bisexual politician in the United States. But he is certainly the most prominent Black man to come out as such, and the way he came out earlier this week — as a way of reemerging in public life following a scandal that many viewed as the likely end of his political career — could make room for more people to do so, according to LGBT advocates. Gillum came out as bisexual Monday during his first sit-down interview since March, when police found him inebriated and unconscious in a South Beach Miami hotel room with two men. (Drugs were found at the scene, though Gillum denies he used illegal substances and was not arrested.) That incident prompted Gillum to seek treatment and generated speculation that the former Tallahassee mayor and married father of three was gay. The scandal seemed like it could be a sad crescendo to the promising political career of a man who came within a percentage point of being Florida’s first Black governor in 2018. And it is anything but clear what his path forward as a politician may be. But it’s significant that Gillum saw coming out so publicly as valuable.


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