ADDED ON: 11/14/2022

‘Anatomy inventory’ fosters more inclusive care for transgender, non-binary patients

11/13/2022 | Healio

PHILADELPHIA — Taking an “anatomy inventory” during visits can help cultivate a more supportive environment for transgender and non-binary patients to discuss their gender identity and the need for organ-specific care, a presenter here said. “The TGNB — which stands for transgender and gender non-binary — community are in need of social services and experience a lot of discrimination,” Nathan Levitt, FNP-BC, MSN, RN, BSN, director of LGBTQ and Gender Justice Learning at the Yale School of Nursing, told attendees at ACR Convergence 2022. “Even if you are the most sensitive and informed clinician, before that patient ever gets to your door they have experienced discrimination, maybe outside your health center or hospital, perhaps when they get to the front desk and their identification doesn’t match the way they look, maybe by other patients in the waiting room, especially if they are there for anything that is gendered,” he said.


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