ADDED ON: 04/19/2019

Amnesty to monitor Italian politicians’ social media for hate speech

04/18/2019 |

The Italian arm of Amnesty International said it would be tracking comments posted amid concerns verbal and physical violence is on the rise under Italy’s populist government. The global advocacy organisation is asking candidates across Europe to become more involved in issues such as climate change, women and LGBT rights, and migrants and refugees. But its Italian arm is bringing in people trained in spotting “hate speech” to see whether those running — from nationalist leader Matteo Salvini to the descendants of dictator Benito Mussolini — promote racial or other discrimination. “We have launched a control on how and to what extent human rights are entering the debate online,” said Martina Chichi. The country’s intelligence agency warned in February that attacks on migrants and minorities could rise in the run-up to the EU elections.


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