ADDED ON: 01/30/2020

Amnesty International urges Korea to take action on LGBT rights

01/29/2020 | Korea Herald

Amnesty International on Thursday expressed concerns about the rights of sexual minorities in South Korea in its yearly human rights report, calling on the government and parliament to improve the situation. In a review of human rights in the Asia-Pacific region, released Thursday, the human rights organization hailed the Constitutional Court’s 2019 decision ruling the country’s abortion ban unconstitutional as a “historic step” for women’s rights. It also recognized “strong youth voices” urging action on climate change. But it criticized the government’s inaction in setting a direction for human rights in the country. “Rulings by the Constitutional Court only cannot bring about progress in human rights. The parliament and the government should show political leadership to improve human rights,” said Lee Kyung-eun, director of Amnesty International Korea, at a press conference at the Seoul Global Center.


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