ADDED ON: 08/22/2019

American-Georgian lawyer seeks prosecution of anti-gay hate leader

08/20/2019 | EurasiaNet

The bullying of Georgia’s gay community has at times taken on a medieval air: A local “knight” and his loyal legion of thugs have for years sought to smite any attempt by LGBTQ Georgians to gather publicly in Tbilisi. Now, a U.S. lawyer-turned-Georgian citizen is bringing the struggle into the realm of contemporary law. Theodore Jonas, a Georgian-American living in Tbilisi, has filed a complaint against businessman and activist Levan Vasadze for threatening and trying to break up Georgia’s first-ever Pride event on July 8. Jonas wrote in his complaint to Georgia’s Prosecutor’s Office that on the day of the Pride event and in the run-up to it, Vasadze committed a whole slew of crimes, including “unlawful discrimination, threats of bodily injury, persecution of people for exercise of their rights of free speech assembly and interference in their right of assembly, with threat of violence and using arms.”


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