ADDED ON: 02/25/2021

American anti-trans activist invited to give Singaporeans a ‘better understanding’

02/24/2021 | Coconuts Singapore

An American doctor who believes transgenderism as a “myth” and has supported the forced “conversion” of homosexuals has been invited to lead a discussion of the issue Saturday in Singapore. After details of the Transgenderism: Science vs. Ideology webinar drew criticism over Quentin Van Meter’s documented history of homophobia, the event’s organizer, Focus On The Family Singapore’s Jason Wong, told Coconuts yesterday that he believes Van Meter will provide a better understanding of the matter which recently became a hot topic of debate. “Given that different people hold different views about sexual orientation and gender dysphoria, I can understand why certain speakers will be deemed controversial by those who do not hold the same views,” Wong said. “Hence the topic for the webinar is Science vs Ideology. To have better understanding of the issues, it is important that we know what’s the difference.” The panel promises to be anything than a neutral forum for the issue given the long history Van Meter, a pet of the American far right fringe, has advocating against gender identity.


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