ADDED ON: 02/04/2022

Amanda Stoker walks back on Morrison pledge to protect LGBTQ+ students in religious discrimination bill

02/04/2022 | The Guardian

The assistant attorney general, Amanda Stoker, has muddied the waters about whether LGBTQ+ students will be protected at the same time as the religious discrimination bill potentially passes federal parliament. Stoker said on Friday the Sex Discrimination Act “shouldn’t be changed unless we know the final form of the religious discrimination bill”, prompting the prime minister, Scott Morrison, to reassert his pledge that amendments to protect LGBTQ+ students would be contained in the same set of bills. Stoker’s intervention comes ahead of the release of two inquiry reports. Stakeholders think Labor will join the Coalition in joint reports for both, calling for the religious discrimination bills to be considered for passage through parliament, although Labor will also express concerns about hiring and firing powers and the contentious statements of belief clause.


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