ADDED ON: 02/27/2019

Almost 80% of Cubans support LGBTI + rights: The figures that nobody mentioned

02/22/2019 | Washington Blade

With inexplicable delay, a few days after the referendum of the new Constitution of Cuba, an official study was published with statistical evidence of popular support for the rights of LGBTI + people. Mariela Castro admitted knowing the survey, but did not explain why it was rejected in the parliamentary debate where the approval of the equal marriage was postponed due to the presumed rejection of the majority of the voters. Article 68 of the Constitution Project of the Republic of Cuba, approved on July 22, July 2018, changed the terms “man” and “woman” to “persons” and thus opened the door to equal marriage in Cuba. Almost nine million Cubans discussed the Project in neighborhoods and work and study centers in the country. According to official figures, Article 68 caused 24 percent of the opinions and was the most commented in the popular debates. The final version of the document, approved in December by the National Assembly, ended up suppressing Article 68. Marriage, transferred to Article 82, is now defined as “a social and legal institution that is based on free consent and equality of rights, obligations and legal capacity of the spouses “.


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