ADDED ON: 08/24/2019

All Out: The campaign against homophobia in Poland

08/24/2019 | Emerging Europe

A global LGBT+ rights group, All Out, has launched a campaign in Poland in response to the recent wave of attacks against the country’s LGBT+ community. Mathias Wasik, the director of programmes at All Out, told Emerging Europe that the organisation has been working in Poland since 2016, crowdfunding a campaign to fund shelters for homeless LGBT+ people. He claims that the increasing levels of hate against the community is cause for concern. “More recently, we’ve been particularly worried about the escalation of attacks on LGBT+ people in Poland. Right-wing politicians and representatives of the Catholic church have been using the issue for their own political agenda. And their divisive words are being followed up by hateful actions, as we’ve seen during the attacks on the pride march in Białystok.” The homophobic attack on the march in Białystok was just one in a mounting number of incidents against the community. As many as 30 municipalities around Poland have declared themselves ‘LGBT-free zones’, while weekly newspaper Gazeta Polska planned to distribute stickers with that same slogan in an issue late last month.


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