ADDED ON: 08/27/2018

All for One, One for All – Why Gay Marriage has Been a No-go in Buddhist Thailand

08/27/2018 | Phuket News

The first key to understanding Thailand’s sluggish sleepwalk towards gay marriage actually traces back to Western colonialism. Polygamous marriage was a key feature of many Oriental marriages prior to the colonization of Southeast Asia. While Siam (Thailand) managed to avoid being directly colonized, it did so through a series of concessions to the Western powers. In the 1930s, Siam removed polygamous marriage from its legal code in an effort to integrate with Britain, America and France. The practice still goes on unofficially and is a prominent theme on Thai soap operas. Thus, it would not be unfair to say that history – or the unconscious effect that it often has on its descendants – has proven to be the first sedative preventing Thailand from making the leap into gay marriage. Yet, the story only begins here.


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