ADDED ON: 06/15/2020

All Black Lives Matter: ‘This is so damned beautiful’

06/14/2020 | Los Angeles Blade

Today was supposed to be a celebration of the 50th LA Pride Anniversary, a remembrance of the world’s first gay and lesbian rights parade, an event organizers in 1970 created to be a celebration of coming out, of being “different” and a defiant declaration of equality. But the coronavirus pandemic changed that. It changed everything. In March, LA Pride cancelled plans for their massive 50th Anniversary celebration due to Covid-19 health-related concerns. But after dozens of protest marches took place throughout Los Angeles in reaction to the murder of Ahmaud Arbery, Breana Taylor and George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police, an LGBTQIA march was sorely needed yet any celebration organized by LA Pride seemed jarring. And so a grassroots effort ensued which became All Black Lives Matter and a march came together as if by magic — after much consternation. But we will put the sausage making aside.


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