ADDED ON: 10/09/2021

Alice Nkom, Cameroon’s tireless defender of LGBTQ rights

10/8/21 | France 24

Nkom’s cane is the only thing that betrays the age of this great lady, whom her young clients call “Mama”. At 76, Nkom may be Cameroon’s oldest female lawyer and defender of LGBTQ rights, but she has no intentions of retiring any day soon. “I have no reason to stop, I have one last fight to wage: to get homosexuality decriminalised in my country.” Dressed in traditional clothes with a rainbow-coloured badge, she has just completed a tour of LGBTQ associations in France. Her visit was timed to happen directly before an Africa-France summit hosted by French President Emmanuel Macron on Friday. She wanted LGBTQ rights to be high on the agenda.


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