ADDED ON: 11/10/2018

Alan Turing: Visionary, War Hero and the Only Choice for the £50 Note

11/07/2018 | The Conversation

The Bank of England has decided that the next prominent figure to feature on the £50 note should be a scientist and have put the call out for nominations from the general public. For me, there is one scientist who stands out above all the rest. Turing, is probably best-known for his pioneering codebreaking work during World War II (featured in the Hollywood blockbuster The Imitation Game). Turing made the first breakthroughs into the German naval Enigma code, which eased the passage of allied ships across the Atlantic. Turing was a gay man in a time when, in the UK, it was illegal to be gay. In 1952, he was charged with “gross indecency”. At his trial, Turing pleaded guilty, insisting that he saw nothing wrong with his actions. He was duly convicted and offered the choice between prison or probation with a course of the hormone stilboestrol for a year: a so-called “chemical castration”.


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