ADDED ON: 03/26/2022

Air Force offers medical, legal help as states clamp down on trans and LGBTQ+ children

3/25/22 | Federal News Network

In light of recent state laws criminalizing parents and doctors who help transgender children take steps to affirm their gender, and other legislation banning official talk about sexual orientation in schools, the Department of the Air Force is offering support to those living in affected communities. The resources are a rare step where the Air and Space Forces recognize a hostile environment created by governments in states where the services often send their troops. Many of the laws and directives, which dissenters call discriminatory, are in more conservative states where the Air and Space Forces have bases including Texas, Alabama and Florida. “The health, care and resilience of our DAF personnel and their families is not just our top priority — it’s essential to our ability to accomplish the mission,” said Air Force Undersecretary Gina Ortiz Jones. “We are closely tracking state laws and legislation to ensure we prepare for and mitigate effects to our airmen, guardians and their families. Medical, legal resources, and various assistance are available for those who need them.”


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