ADDED ON: 05/09/2020

Aimee Stephens, transgender woman at center of pending landmark Supreme Court case, is in hospice care

05/08/2020 | Metro Times

Aimee Stephens made national headlines when she said she was fired from her job at metro Detroit-based GR & RG Funeral Homes in 2013 after coming out as a transgender woman. Stephens then sued her employee for discrimination, and the case is now before the Supreme Court. But now, Stephens might not live to see the case’s decision. According to a GoFundMe campaign set up on behalf of her family, Stephens’ health has deteriorated due to kidney disease, and she’s now in hospice care. “Being fired from her employer caused an immediate financial strain, leading her spouse Donna to take on several jobs,” the campaign website reads. “Friends and family have stepped in when they can, but years of lost income have taken a toll on their finances. Because of this, we are asking for assistance with Aimee’s future funeral costs and end-of-life care.”


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