ADDED ON: 11/04/2018

Aging and LGBT in Argentina: Survivors of Deeply Homophobic Past

11/01/2018 | WorldCrunch

For elderly members of Argentina’s LGBT community, things used to be so so different. They’re the surviving witnesses of a time when sexual orientations that don’t fit the establish mold were considered sickness, sins or even crimes. Terms like ‘homosexual,’ ‘lesbian,’ or ‘transvestite’ were avoided or used disparagingly. LGBT people didn’t have any of the rights they now enjoy, and for many that meant a certain amount hiding. People led “double lives.” They had to, for the sake of survival. The concealment affected their closest relationships and acquaintances, from family to friends and even themselves. Because if their true inclinations were revealed, they might be thrown out of their homes or work, and mocked. Some even chose to hide from themselves.


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