ADDED ON: 06/03/2022

After years fighting for the ‘little guy’, Hong Kong crackdown forces UK lawyer to flee

06/02/2022 | The Guardian

Michael Vidler has built his legal career on fighting for the “little guy” in Hong Kong, from high-profile street protesters such as Joshua Wong to little-known LGBT activists. But not any more. After 30 years in the city, the 58-year-old human rights lawyer has been forced to flee back to Britain because of concerns about the Beijing-drafted national security law and “unfounded allegations” from the increasingly bellicose state-controlled press. “I lived here for 30 years. This has been my home. Hong Kong was my home … This isn’t how I expected to end my firm or my time in Hong Kong,” Vidler told HKFP after a hasty exit to the UK in late April.


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