ADDED ON: 10/14/2018

After Legal Win, Sec 377 Petitioner Keshav Suri Launches Foundation to Share LGBT Stories

10/14/2018 | The Print

The launch of the Keshav Suri Foundation saw five panel discussions on how corporates, the media, and politics can be widened to include LGBTQIA people. “Did any of you feel awkward today?”, Keshav Suri, hotelier and one of the people whose petition led to the reading down of Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code, asked Saturday. The audience he was addressing at the launch of the Keshav Suri Foundation consisted of a crowd of nearly 250 vibrantly-dressed persons, many of whom belonged to the LGBTQIA community. Their answer was a resounding “no”. “If you weren’t made to feel like an outlier today, then that’s a step towards inclusion for me,” Suri continued, indicating what his foundation would work towards.


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