ADDED ON: 01/24/2023

After failed heterosexual marriages, this Israeli lesbian couple is living it up

01/23/2023 | Ynet News

Sarah and Tammy were both married to men at a time when relationship with other women was unheard of; after decades in the closet, they finally found each other and they are putting their relationship out for the whole world to see in a new docu-reality TV show. “I’m eight years Tammy’s senior. I was 64 when I met her through a dating site but I put down 62 because for some reason I thought those two years were critical,” 77-year-old Sarah Gross, the head of “Beshela”, a community for older LGBT women, recalls fondly. “She tricked by two years!” her partner, 69-year-old author and illustrator Tammy Bezaleli, interrupted her.


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