ADDED ON: 12/04/2020

African churches: Why preach love, then imprison gays?

11/30/2020 | Rights Africa

Why do people who preach love every Sunday want people put in prison for what they do in the privacy of their bedrooms? That was one of the questions — especially regarding homophobic Christian churches in Africa and the Caribbean — that led to the Intimate Conviction 2 conference, which ended Nov. 27. Maurice Tomlinson, the Jamaican-Canadian activist organizer of the online conference, told the closing session, “There is no way the God I serve would want to send people to prison for their consensual acts of intimacy.” He said he had been discouraged recently by setbacks in the quest to overturn anti-LGBTQ laws in about 72 countries worldwide. But experiences such as last week’s conference gave him renewed encouragement. “The speakers at the conference showed that there’s a lot of goodwill. There’s a lot of hope. There is a path forward toward complete liberation of LGBT people,” he said.


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