ADDED ON: 12/12/2018

Advocacy Groups Celebrate the 70th Anniversary of International Human Rights Day

12/11/2018 | Gay Star News

LGBTI advocacy groups and public figures celebrated the 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration Of Human Rights on Monday (10 December). 10 December is also commemorated annually as Human Rights Day While advocacy groups celebrated the progress made with regard to LGBTI rights, they took the opportunity to point out that a lot of work is still required for LGBTI rights around the world.  In a statement, Human Rights Campaign Global Director, Ty Cobb, drew attention to the ongoing struggle for equality. ‘Today on the 70th Human Rights Day, we celebrate the global recognition that every human being is born with basic human rights and dignity that should never be violated,’ said Cobb. ‘Yet, as an LGBTQ community, we still have a long way to go to achieving that goal […] From Chechnya to Egypt to Indonesia, we will not stop until every member of our community, anywhere in the world, is safe, secure, and truly free and equal.’


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