ADDED ON: 01/31/2022

Activists warn against loophole in UK ban on conversion practices

01/30/2022 | The Guardian

Campaigners are urging ministers to ensure any forthcoming UK-wide ban on conversion practices does not contain a loophole allowing those who received “informed consent” from their victims to evade justice. Critics of the practice declared “you cannot consent to abuse”, as a survey revealed the extent of sexual violence used during attempts to change a person’s sexual orientation or gender identity. Research indicates about 7% of LGBT+ people have been offered or undergone conversion practices, and activists are concerned that UK proposals do not go far enough, with the consent loophole causing the most consternation. A Holyrood committee last week published a report calling for an immediate ban on the “traumatising” practice in Scotland, with the recommendations being welcomed as a fully comprehensive prohibition, with no exemptions.


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