ADDED ON: 05/08/2020

Activists call on Tinley Park to show support for gay rights in Polish Sister City

05/07/2020 | Chicago Tribune

Activists in Europe are calling on Tinley Park residents and village officials to show support for gay rights in a Sister City community in Poland. European rights groups want Tinley Park and other Sister City communities throughout the world to send messages of support in an effort to end LGBT Free Zones adopted by more than 80 jurisdictions in Poland. Governments covering about a third of the territory in Poland have adopted measures described by European authorities as hateful because of their punitive attitudes toward people who are gay. In December, the European Union Parliament formally condemned Poland for allowing local jurisdictions to adopt LGBT Free Zone measures, according to a report by the media outlet LGBTQ Nation. European lawmakers compared the policies to “Jew-free” zones that existed during World War II.


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