ADDED ON: 12/29/2018

Activists Agree With Canada Warning To Lgbtqi Community

12/28/2018 | Tribune242

TWO LGBTQI activists yesterday agreed with Canadian government’s crime advisory warning Canadians to consider the risks of traveling to The Bahamas because homosexuality is not widely accepted. Alexus D’Marco, a lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and intersex advocate, told The Tribune that for many in the community The Bahamas does not offer the needed resources and there is rampant discrimination when it comes to essential services. Another spokesperson for the community, Erin Greene, added the advisory was “reasonable” and was not offensive. Ms Greene said The Bahamas need not pretend there was no violence toward the members of LGBTQI community for the sake of tourism. Both said the advisory could be based on complaints from those in the community who seek asylum in Canada.


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