ADDED ON: 02/26/2020

Acting intelligence head Richard Grenell’s push to decriminalize homosexuality has yielded little

02/25/2020 | NBC News

Donald Trump became the first president to name an openly gay person to a Cabinet-level position Wednesday when he announced that Richard Grenell would serve as his acting director of national intelligence. Grenell is the architect of a U.S.-led effort to decriminalize homosexuality in the 68 countries where it is still illegal. In two others, Iraq and Egypt, homosexuality is de facto illegal. Since Grenell’s efforts were announced almost a year ago exactly, just one country has decriminalized homosexuality: Botswana, where the high court overturned the ban in June as part of a legal challenge that started long before 2019, according to Ryan Thoreson, an LGBTQ researcher for Human Rights Watch.


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