ADDED ON: 06/07/2022

A year after landmark HC ruling, lesbian couples still face discrimination.

06/06/2022 | Hindustan Times

Suffering from gender dysphoria since adolescence, R Ramya, 24, is in the process of a sex change to transition to identify as a male. Growing up in rural Tamil Nadu, Ramya battled several hurdles, including no access to information, a conservative environment and trying to make sense of her emotions. But a lot has changed in one year for Ramya after the Madras high court on June 7 last year in a landmark order banned attempts to “cure” the gender identity and sexual orientation of people as a part of the orders to sensitise state and Union government departments and civil society to protect the rights of LGBTQIA+ communities. The order came following a petition by another lesbian couple from Madurai who had sought protection from their families opposing their relationship.


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